5 Things to Know About Switching to LED Bulbs
The overwhelming energy benefits of LED bulbs have shoved incandescent models off the shelves for good. If you’re about to make the switch, here is some helpful information you’ll want to know about switching to LED bulbs.
Designer Chandeliers
Today, there are many options for designer chandeliers, and you can definitely find one that will enhance the beauty of your home.
The Unlimited Possibilities of Unique Designer Lighting
A variety of unique lighting options can be discovered online to fit any home design project. If you’re trying to get away from the look of traditional lighting fixtures, you can certainly find ones that will literally light up the room.
Copper Bathtubs: 5 awesome ideas for your bathroom
Copper in the bathroom is now a remarkable component to differentiation. If you really want to break away from the pack with bathroom decoration this is for you.
Blown Glass Pendant Lights for Unique Kitchens
If you are considering remodeling your kitchen and ready to try something completely new, using blown glass pendant lights will transform your ordinary kitchen into extraordinary and unique.
Artistic Lighting in Unexpected Places
The trick is finding ways to incorporate artistic lighting into unpredictable places to really make a statement. To keep up with the trend, use the following design ideas which open up vast opportunities to creatively use lighting in and around your home.
The Risks of Purchasing Imitation Chandeliers
Our recent experience highlights the product variation and risks involved with purchasing imitation chandeliers and lighting art from China.
Copper Sink Maintenance and Care
The beauty of your hand hammered copper sink is in its organic qualities. Copper is a metal that changes and evolves with time as it reacts with various elements and as it ages it becomes even more beautiful. Your sink is a unique, living and functional work of art. By following a few simple steps you can maintain it’s beauty for years to come.
Correcting Unwanted Copper Patina Colors
People have different preferences when it comes to copper tones. For those who pay close attention to color variations and want to “fix” their copper sink of these variations whether man-made or natural, here you will find useful information and directions to guide you through do-it-yourself methods for correcting unwanted copper patina colors.
Will Your Copper Sink Turn Green?
Known as verdigris, this green pigment happens to copper, brass, and bronze when it’s exposed to seawater or salt air at the time of weathering.