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Copper Sink Maintenance and Care
The beauty of your hand hammered copper sink is in its organic qualities. Copper is a metal that changes and evolves with time as it reacts with various elements and as it ages it becomes even more beautiful. Your sink is a unique, living and functional work of art. By following a few simple steps you can maintain it’s beauty for years to come.
Can You Make a Custom Sink for Me?
We can make almost anything you can imagine! Because all of our copper sinks are hand-made, it is relatively simple to make a custom sink for you.
How to Buy Your First Copper Sink
There are many considerations when you set out to buy a copper sink. Things like copper purity, gauge (thickness), construction technique, the patina, style, size, position of the install (drop-in, under-mount, or vessel), but even before all these the most important consideration is the company who will sell you the sink.