5 Unique Bathroom Sinks for Asian Style
Outside of the Asian continent, Asian interior design is appreciated and implemented to remind homeowners of its bold, exotic, and sophisticated principals.
Unusually Shaped Copper Bar & Prep Sinks
Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of prep or cleanup work happening in your kitchen while you’re getting your home ready for a big dinner party or cocktails with friends? Learn more about uniquely shaped bar or prep sinks.
The Functionality of Copper Kitchen Sinks
When looking for a perfect copper kitchen sink for your home, it’s important to keep a few factors in mind as you determine your needs.
Copper Farmhouse Sinks Apron Front Designs
Copper sinks are known for their aesthetically appealing look and low-maintenance profile, which makes them ideal for a stylish yet busy kitchen.
Your New Favorite Rustic Handcrafted Home Décor
For an interior design that is comfortable and chic, and unpolished yet eye-catching, you’ll want to consider a collection of rustic handcrafted home décor pieces.
Baptismal Fonts
Whether you are interested in a traditional or a unique style, there are many types of Baptismal Fonts available.
A Review of Our SoLuna Teak Wood Vessel Sink
With such a unique selection of artisan products for the kitchen, bath, or bar, it's inevitable we carry a beautiful sink that will coordinate perfectly with your style.
Trends in Modern Kitchen Design
The modern kitchen is becoming the heart of the home as an ideal place for entertaining guests while also maintaining the functionality of the kitchen.
SoLuna Copper Sinks, Copper Bathtubs and so much more!
SoLuna offers the highest quality copper sinks, copper bathtubs and accessories at affordable prices because they don't buy their products from a third-party supplier.
A Guide To Choosing The Best Farmhouse Sink
If you're looking into remodeling the kitchen, you've likely heard the term “farmhouse sink”. This sounds like it might be referring to color or even texture. Maybe a sink basin made of wood or wood-colored. It actually refers to a style of sink that has a deep basin that is also wide.