Copper Bathtubs: 5 awesome ideas for your bathroom

Copper Bathtubs: 5 Design Ideas to Elevate Any Bathroom 


Copper has become an outstanding element for setting your bathroom apart. If you aim to truly stand out in bathroom décor, this is your perfect choice. Besides the numerous health benefits of copper, it is also very trendy. We have hand picked a few interesting design inspirations to help jump start your next copper project! 


Concept 1: Copper, wood and a modern looking marble floor


copper bath tubs
Image credit: Victoria Plum


As we're aware, grey has emerged as a significant trend recently. In this context, the utilization of a copper bathtub is a deliberate attempt to introduce contrast and prevent the potential monotony that could result from a predominantly grey/white color palette. Visualize the same space with any of the Artisan Crafted copper bathtubs, and the outcome is sure to be beautifully unique.


Concept 2:Wood frame building with modern touches


polished copper bathtub
Image credit: WestOne bathrooms


If you buy a new home or a modern apartment, this idea will probably not work for you. However if you find yourself remodeling an older building with lots of character and original wood finishes, this could be the concept for you. Knowing the value of wood is key- use this unique design element to your advantage. Designers will often hear the question: “How can I keep this lovely old wood and still appear semi-modern? Above is a good example of how a blend of modern tiles and a stunning copper bathtub can be used to achieve that look.


Concept 3: A copper bathtub with a view


copper double slipper bathtub
Image credit:


When decorating tight spaces, the question of the focal point is interesting. In the above image, notice how a round window frame with a view over a small garden is used as a focal point, with a massive looking copper bathtub positioned from wall to wall. The Mediterranean color scheme here fairly neutral and blends in well with the darker copper. A light copper will be just as efficient. 


Concept 4: Copper bathtub with a fireplace and stone walls


copper bathtub with fireplace insert
Image credit: Youth vision


Whether this concept appeals to you for a ranch or mountain setting, it's an incredibly distinctive approach that garners a lot of attention. Take note of how the bathtub is once again placed between two walls, strategically positioned against a window to offer a scenic view. In contrast to scenarios where copper is utilized to establish contrast, here, within the setting of stone and a fireplace, a copper bathtub harmonizes and seamlessly integrates with these materials in a beautiful way.


Concept 5: A wooden design for a spa or bathroom


copper bathtub

A bathroom is a peaceful place in your home where you’d like to relax and forget about the rest of the world. Some homes in the US contain a sauna, often located in the bathroom – which will inevitably incorporate wood in its design. Other bathroom designers simply seek to be different and may propose wood. Again – the use of a copper bathtub ads a special feel to any such design.

The above design ideas should serve as a good base for inspiration when planning your dream bathroom. Besides bathroom customization, there is also the option of adding a custom-made copper sink to your bathroom. Remember: copper is easy to clean and healthy to use. It is more fashionable than ever and will give you that truly unique look if you’re prepared to use a bit of imagination when planning your new bathroom.

The rising trend of copper in bathroom design offers a distinct touch to elevate any space. With its ability to stand out and blend effortlessly into various styles (as seen above), copper adds both aesthetic appeal and health benefits to any bathroom. Whether aiming for a modern look, a cozy setting with a view, or integrating wood-based spa elements, the integration of a copper bathtub adds a special ambiance to bathroom spaces. These design inspirations provide a solid foundation for envisioning a personalized, dream bathroom that incorporates the elegance and functionality of copper elements while allowing for further customization with the addition of custom-made copper sinks. The flexibility, ease of maintenance, and fashionable nature of copper make it an ideal choice for creating a bathroom that stands out and offers a unique, imaginative aesthetic.


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