How to Create Your Own Outdoor Oasis with Sonoma Forge Outdoor Showers
Do you love spending time outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and the natural scenery? Do you wish you could extend your outdoor living space and make it more comfortable and inviting? If so, you might want to consider adding an outdoor shower to your backyard, garden, or pool area.
How to Add a Touch of Copper to Your Home with SoLuna Pendant Lights
One of the easiest and most effective ways to incorporate copper into your home is by using copper pendant lights. Pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling and can provide ambient, task, or accent lighting, depending on the size, shape, and placement of the fixture. They can also create a focal point and add visual interest to any room.
Sonoma Forge: The Art of Hand-Forged Metal 
Sonoma Forge was founded in 1997 by Bob Gifford, a metal artist and entrepreneur. He wanted to create a line of faucets and fixtures that would showcase the beauty and craftsmanship of hand-forged metal.
How Terrafirma Ceramics Became a New York City Icon
If you are looking for a way to add some color, texture, and style to your table and home, take one look and you will know that Terrafirma ceramics are works of art that belong in your collection. These beautiful dinnerware pieces have been crafted by artist Ellen Evans in New York City since 1980, using natural stoneware and porcelain clay. They feature unique hand-painted patterns that create a distinctive "one of a kind" result. Whether you prefer a simple or a complex design, a solid or a speckled color, you can find the perfect Terrafirma ceramic for your taste.
Retrofit Your Cabinets with a Short Apron Sink
Many homeowners do not realize the potential challenge of retrofitting an existing cabinet for a farmhouse sink.
The Virus Killing Properties of Copper
We believe the time is long overdue to shed more light on copper’s greatest superpower, its ability to kill germs and viruses on contact.
The Glass Vessel Sink … A Work of Art in Your Bath
Glass is readily available, Eco-friendly, and an exceptional choice for a vessel sink. Glass vessel sinks are versatile and can be found in almost any color, shape, and size that will complement all sorts of bath furniture, style, and color scheme. Glass vessel sinks made from 100% recycled glass are Eco-friendly, helping to protect the earth from castoff glass by re-purposing it into beautiful art.
Natural Granite Sinks
From small circular bathroom vessels to large kitchen farmhouse sinks, granite sinks are an extraordinary alternative to traditional wash basins.
Protect Your Basin with a Kitchen Sink Grate
With the heavy barrage of pots, pans, and cutlery that end up in your kitchen sink, it’s inevitable that your sink basins will suffer a little abuse over their lifetime.
5 Unique Bathroom Sinks for Asian Style
Outside of the Asian continent, Asian interior design is appreciated and implemented to remind homeowners of its bold, exotic, and sophisticated principals.