Can You Make a Custom Sink for Me?
We can make almost anything you can imagine! Because all of our copper sinks are hand-made, it is relatively simple to make a custom sink for you.
Unique Copper Mirrors
If you are in search of a high quality, unique mirror frame that can accentuate your elegant, rustic, or modern bathroom décor, look no further than artisan copper.
How to Buy Your First Copper Sink
There are many considerations when you set out to buy a copper sink. Things like copper purity, gauge (thickness), construction technique, the patina, style, size, position of the install (drop-in, under-mount, or vessel), but even before all these the most important consideration is the company who will sell you the sink.
Has MRSA Met its Match?
It is well known that frequently touched surfaces in hospitals especially but in other environments as well, serve as reservoirs for the spread of pathogenic microbes.
Copper from Santa Clara Del Cobre, Mexico
Santa Clara Del Cobre is a lively and passionate little town known for its copper craft and the highest quality copper goods available. The town is located about a 20 to 25-minute drive into the mountains from Patzcuaro, Michoacan.
Suzanne Guttman Glass
Suzanne Guttman strives to integrate the environment into her art; finding intrinsic beauty in complex combinations of color and light.
Kathe Fraga Art
Kathe Fraga's gorgeous Chinoiserie-inspired paintings can be found in a number of art galleries here in the Pacific Northwest, as well as in public and private collections all over the US.
Kinzig Design
Susan Kinzig was already established nationally as a well-respected jewelry designer when her sister-in-law, Caryn Kinzig, left a successful investment career to join forces with her and enter the world of lamp design.
Studio 78 Hand Painted Furniture
Studio 78 is known for sophisticated painted furniture with embossed copper accents. Most of the furniture is designed and manufactured by Wendy Grossman and local fine cabinet makers, using the best quality hardwoods. Some pieces have hand forged iron elements.
Deborah Childress of Blind Spot Mirrors
Deborah’s functional art pieces are created in a unique hand-casting process with one-of-a-kind molds based on real botanical objects.