Complete your Room with a Country Chandelier

A Country Chandelier: The Perfect Addition to Any Room

country chandelier


Country design can run the gamut from American, French, and English styles, but typically will have these three characteristics in common: relaxed, purposeful, and somewhat rustic. A designer aiming for a country interior design might incorporate materials such as leather, thin forged metals, natural or aged woods, and fabrics in natural and outdoor-inspired colors and textures.

Complementing these materials can be really creative and fun, as a country collector can accessorize with pieces such as antique cast iron cookware, lanterns or oil lamps, antlers or furs, chalkboards, vintage glass, aged palettes, crates, ladders and more! If you’re in the market for elements to complete your country-themed style, consider installing a country chandelier for a stunning pièce de résistance.

Take a look below for the range of our country chandelier models that could complement any country design:


blown glass chandelier


The Multi Iris Chandelier



hand blown glass chandelier

Island Girl Chandelier


blown glass pendant chandelier

The Birch Chandelier

A well-placed chandelier can have a strong visual presence. Keep in mind that chandelier placement is dependent on wiring because their installation not only involves electrical work, but often times requires carpentry, plasterwork, and painting. If the lighting piece you’re considering has custom sizing available, take a look at our illustrated three-step guide on “How to Size a Chandelier” for a better idea of what specifications to choose.


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