Tall Carved Case

Tall Carved Case

Tall Carved Case
  • Impressive design with hand-carved details
  • Seven roomy drawers stacked on top of each other
  • Carved panels on all sides and drawer fronts
  • Cherry, Ambrosia Maple, Wenge (other wood choices available)
  • Made in the USA

A stunning tall carved case made of cherry, ambrosia maple and wenge (other wood choices available). This towering case of drawers comes apart in five pieces. The four sides and the drawer fronts are finished with carved ambrosia panels. The locking cabinets are great for storage.

See image 2 for a detailed shot of the tall case showing the tactile nature of the carved panels and drawer fronts. Image 3 shows a similar tall case in birdseye maple and padauk.


36" D x 36" W x 83" H

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