Products tagged with 'Stone Ridge Glass'

Products tagged with 'Stone Ridge Glass'

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Flamenco I Glasscape Lighting Sculpture

Where words are inadequate to describe flamenco music, the vibrant colors of art glass - itself made with fire - may be the perfect medium to capture and suspend its driving rhythms. The Flamenco I glasscape includes individual kiln-fired glass panels arranged in corresponding grooves of a hardwood base.

Flamenco II Glasscape Lighting Sculpture

The Flamenco II glasscape is a smaller version of the Flamenco I for those with less space to dance flamboyantly. Composed of individual kiln-fired art glass panels set in corresponding grooves of a hardwood base, this glasscape captures the vibrant spirit of the national Spanish dance and suspends its driving rhythms.

Terpsichore III Glasscape Lighting Sculpture

As in the real world of dance, costumes and companies change, but the performers keep dancing. From classical to modern, Terpsichore III offers a re-arrangeable set of dance forms made from kiln-polished glass, set within individual grooves of a hardwood base.

Citrine Glasscape Lighting Sculpture

Whether you see hoops or harps, rings or just things, the Citrine glasscape offers countless opportunities to create your own designs. 49 pieces of kiln-fired art glass create a unique visual effect. The hardwood base includes individually cut out grooves that allow for unlimited ways of rearranging the glass shapes.