Mere Cats Glasscape Lighting Sculpture

Mere Cats Glasscape Lighting Sculpture

Mere Cats Glasscape
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The charming Mere Cats Glasscape incorporates glass painting and glass sculpture. An even layer of glass paint is applied to the entire glass figure, then the paint is strategically removed with delicate brushes and other techniques, until pigment is left only where it is desired. The painted glass is then fired to make the pigment one with the underlying Firelight White glass. Each different shade is individually applied, removed and fired. Only tiny details are painted directly.

The landscape is illuminated by lights recessed into the rear of the hardwood base and reflected off the wall behind.

** Please note that the price listed pertains to a fixture that will appear very similar to the light shown in the featured photograph and as outlined in the accompanying description. Please call for details.

42” wide x 8” deep x 13” high

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