Suzanne Guttman

Suzanne Guttman

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Blown Glass Sculpture - Flower Vase

The stunning Blown Glass Vase with Blown Glass Flowers sculpture was originally designed for a private collection. This design includes 10 individual hand-blown blown glass flowers of coordinating colors, the colors of these beautiful flowers include transparent and opaque white, black, clear and transparent and iridescent gold.

Blown Glass Ceiling Light Sculpture

For wow factor, there’s nothing like the glow of color from this hand-blown glass ceiling sculpture. Endlessly variable, the ceiling platter sculpture can be made to perfectly suit your room and imagination. The only limiting factor is the manufacturable size of plate glass.

Blown Glass Ceiling Light Sculpture II

This wonderfully adaptable sculpture is made-to-order, allowing you to customize the size and colors to your individual needs. The possibilities are endless with this versatile sculpture.

Blown Glass Chandelier - Island Girl

Island Girl Chandelier

Blown Glass Chandelier | Multi Iris

Multi-Iris Chandelier

Blown Glass Chandelier | Naples Bay

Naples Bay Glass Chandelier
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