French Rolling Pin by Vermont Rolling Pins

French Rolling Pin by Vermont Rolling Pins

French Rolling Pin by Vermont Rolling Pins
  • Elegant tapered shape
  • Hand-turned, polished to a smooth finish
  • 3 wood choices available - cherry, maple, walnut
  • Handcrafted in Vermont, USA
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Vermont Rolling Pins Wood Types

The elegant French Rolling Pin has tapered ends that allow for easy circular rotation, making this rolling pin ideal for rolling out a perfect pie crust! These pins are fully handcrafted by Vermont Rolling Pins, complete with slenderly pointed ends. 3 wood choices are available - Cherry ($45), Maple ($45) and Walnut ($56).

Shown above: French rolling pin in Maple.

All of the Vermont Rolling Pins are handcrafted by experienced wood artisand who have passed their craft from generation to generation. Each rolling pin is hand-turned and shaped from a solid block of hardwood, and rubbed with mineral oil to enhance the look of the wood grain.

These pins are made from only the highest quality hardwoods, specially selected by the artisans to ensure durability:

Cherry - the tight grain of solid cherry wood makes it resistant to warping. The color varies from pale creamy-pink to mid-coppery brown. Over time, cherry rolling pins will darken to a rich, deep reddish brown.

Maple - this type of hardwood is strong, heavy, and resistant to abrasion. The color varies from white cream to tan hues.

Walnut - The hard, dense grain of this wood type handles heavy use well. Color variations: from light gray-brown to dark chocolate and purplish-black.

Care tips: Wipe with a damp cloth after use. Rub with mineral oil to bring out the wood grain, at least once a month. DO NOT use vegetable oil.

Diameter - 1 3/4" approx.
Length - 20" approx.


Cherry - $45
Maple - $45
Walnut - $56

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