Products tagged with 'cathleen newsham'

Products tagged with 'cathleen newsham'

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Ice Cube Mosaic Sink

The complex weaving of multiple shades of white and textured glass of the Ice Cube Mosaic Sink create a remarkable piece of art for your bathroom. The resulting mosaic evokes the look of an ice cube melting in a glass of clear water.

Bubbles and Waves Sink

The "Bubbles and Waves Sink - Sea Kelp Blue" Glass Mosaic has images of bubbles rising from the ocean floor amidst gentle waves of aqua-blue, mingle with your actual water. This best-selling glass mosaic sink design has graced the baths of yachts, beach houses and homes around the world. Colorful, sturdy, easy to care for and a breathtaking focal point for any bathroom.

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Indigo Crystals Glass Mosaic Sink

The soft blues of the ocean make this glass mosaic sink a breathtaking focal point for any bathroom. Colorful, sturdy and easy to care for, it will give years of enjoyment.

4 Sink Shape Options

Golden Water Lily Glass Mosaic Sink

Stunning water lilies seem to float on a sea of golden glass of the Golden Water Lily Sink. Colorful, sturdy, easy to care for, and a breathtaking focal point for any bathroom. See additional photos for a detailed close-up of the tiles and sink.

4 Sink Shape Options

Cathedral Glass Mosaic Sink

Colors reminiscent of the stained glass cathedral windows of Europe make this glass mosaic sink something truly special.

4 Sink Shape Options

Emerald Fleur de Lis Integral Bathroom Sink

This is an integrated sink and Corian countertop with the opaque Italian glass tile adhered directly to the surface of both elements. The version shown above (countertop with 3 backsplashes) measures 24" x 24", however any size can be accommodated.
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Glass Mosaic Backsplash

The Glass Mosaic Backsplash is representative of the spectacular possibilities that can be done with mosaics. Shown above is an installation that was designed based on a small section of an antique Italian hand-painted wall tile, which was then enlarged and reproduced on tile mesh, shipped to the client, and installed by the artist.
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Soul of the Navajo Blanket Wall Hanging

This one of a kind glass mosaic wall hanging is based on an antique Navajo floor rug, originally created in Tees Nos Pos, AZ circa 1900 – 1920 (artist unknown). Crafted from high quality hand rolled art glass, this piece required 118 hours of work to complete and consists of approx. 1500 pieces of hand cut glass.

Klimt Glass Tiled Backsplash

This stunning backsplash is an installation that the artist designed when she was inspired by the skirt pattern of a Gustav Klimt painting. This amazing mosaic backsplash is made with 14K gold backed mirror tile, hand cut art glass, glass rondelets, and iridescent glass tiles.
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Pendant Light | Glass Mosaic | Golden Jasper

The Golden Jasper Pendant Light is spectacular with color reminiscent of the Grand Canyon. A rugged but beautiful light fixture that works well with earth-toned décor. The base fixture is an antique bronze, and the mosaic is a palette of hand-cut art glass in golds and browns with Tiger Eye Jasper stones surrounding the lower edge of the fixture. This light can have up to 40" of suspension length.

Enchanted Forest Fireplace Surround

The “Enchanted Forest” fireplace surround depicts two trees, one covered with bright green Spring leaves on a clear blue sky, while the second tree sheds it’s Autumn leaves in orange, red and brown colors over a cold, steely iridescent sky.
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Bernard's Custom Crafted Floor Mosaic Carpet

What a perfect solution to "never sweeping the dirt under the rug"! Vines tipped by cobalt blue flowers, powder blue French design flourishes and fringed edging adorn this mosaic rug made of Italian glass. This uniquely fabulous mosaic "carpet" is created on mesh and shipped for a tile contractor to install.

Tropical Paradise Mosaic Glass Sink

Our latest design, the Tropical Paradise Mosaic Glass sink (oval shape shown), will transform any bathroom into a vacation spot!

2 Sink Shape Options

Autumn Handcrafted Glass Mosaic Vase

The earth toned hues of Autumn make the mosaic pattern of this gorgeous vase stand out in the light. This beautiful vase is made with hand-cut glass mosaic. A perfect housewarming gift or addition to your own home. Custom matched tiles available.

Blue Sky Handcrafted Glass Mosaic Vase

This beautiful vase is made with hand-cut glass mosaic. It captures the colors of the sky with flecks of iridescent turquoise blue mixed in to give that hint of sunshine peeking out from behind white fluffy clouds. A breath of fresh air for your table and a great gift!

Agate and Glass Slice Handcrafted Mosaic Vase

The Agate Slice Vase is made from a natural agate and hand-cut shades of gold and amber art glass. This vase combines the beauty of Earth materials and the vision of the artist.

"Dance With Me" Glass Mosaic Vase

This beautiful vase is made in a mosaic pattern from hand-cut art glass. A perfect housewarming gift or addition to your own home. Custom matched tiles available.

Bonnie's Vase

A symphony of the earth-toned hues of autumn adorn this beautiful mosaic glass vase. The rich golds, rusts and greens evoke the warmth of a day in the country, while the angular shapes of the glass tiles lend a modern air.

Gold Swirl Handcrafted Glass Mosaic Vase

A swirling line of gold-backed mirrored tiles wraps around this vase in a sea of golden hued hand cut glass tiles. A wonderful gift and a stunning addition to any art glass collection.